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Yoho Ahoy!'s Journal

Sunday, July 13, 2003

3:00PM - Ahoy!

Yoho Ahoy is being shown on the CBBC channel every Saturday and Sunday at 6:25, 10:25, & 14:25!

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Saturday, February 1, 2003



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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

12:09PM - Welcome to yoho_ahoy

As it says in the user info, this is a community to discuss/appreciate/laugh about (but not insult) the kids' TV show Yoho Ahoy! Yoho Ahoy is an animation set aboard a pirate ship called "The Rubber Duck". There is a very good review of the program here, but there is plenty of other information about the show available on the Internet (a good place to start is Google).

Here is a quick list of all the characters for those that can't remember:

Bilge: the peg-legged, grumpy captain of the ship
Booty: the vain piano-playing main female of the ship
Grog: the handless cook with a variety of handy snap-on attachments to fit in place of his missing hands
Cutlass: the stereotypical pirate with a patch over his eye
Jones: the guy who ends up fixing everything
Swab: rather dizzy deckhand
Poop: permanently sleepy crewman
Plunder: likes finding stuff in the sea
Plank: fly-hating lemonade-loving pirate
Flamingo: the crew's pet flamingo, oddly
Cat: the crew's pet cat

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